About Dr. Mark Dillof

Mark Dillof is founder and director of the Louisville Mystical Academy, as well as the academy’s principal instructor. Mark has had a long and varied career. He has worked as a college professor (in philosophy and in psychology)a psychotherapist, a professional magician, stockbroker,real estate assessor, car salesman, management consultant, and bartender, just to name a few. Engaging in these trades has helped him to view life from multiple perspectives and to better understand people.

Since 1987, he’s had a private practice as a philosophical counselor. (Please see: www.platosattache.com and also www.deeperquestions.com.) He’s also offers seminars to various organizations (Please see: www.wonderseminars.com.)  . Originally from New York City, he relocated to Louisville Kentucky in 2012.

Mark earned a BA and an MA in philosophy, from Binghamton University, an MA in psychology from the New School for Social Research, and an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in philosophy and psychology from Union Institute and University. He has written three books, as well as numerous essays blog.deeperquestions.com/blog.

Mark has always had an existential relation to life’s deeper questions. In other words, philosophy for him has been an urgent quest to get to the bottom of things. His determined efforts, in that regard, led him to experience the type of cognitive breakthroughs, which can be categorized as mystical.

Books by Mark Dillof