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Why You Should Run Away from Happiness

Everyone wishes to be happy. But our effort to achieve happiness often reeks of desperation. Here’s a paradox that will blow your mind: the faster you run after happiness, the more it seems to vanish. Perhaps that might explain why so many people today are anxious, discontent, and altogether miserable. Indeed, the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche…

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Awaken from Dreams

Would You Rather Achieve Your Dreams or Awaken from Them?

What if life is like a puzzle? On the day you are born, they give it to you to solve. They tell you that the puzzle of human existence can be solved and that once you solve it happiness and fulfillment can be yours. Now, as you go through life, you try different solutions to…

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Mystical Meaning of a BLT Cut Diagonally

“The fire and the Logos are one.” — Heraclitus When I was a child, my mother would prepare lunchtime sandwiches for the family — tuna fish, baloney, turkey, fried salami with ketchup, and my favorite, which was peanut butter and jelly. She would always cut the square sandwich in half prior to serving it, transforming…

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Do You Fear the Depths?

What if a mystic were to tell you that suffering, in its 10,000 forms — the great variety of life’s sorrows, disappointments, conflicts, contradictions, perplexities, and all else — is ultimately an illusion, a dream from which you could awaken? Would you say, “Hallelujah, praise be Buddha! Where do I sign up so that I may…

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In Kentucky, bourbon is the drink of choice for those celebrating Purim.

Thou Shalt Get Drunk Once a Year

  “Drink until you cannot tell the difference between Haman and Mordecai.” — Talmud Purim celebrates the survival of the Jewish people, during the Persian Empire, circa 400BCE. A plot had been hatched, a kind of “final solution,” to liquidate them. The holiday of Purim celebrates their survival. The story begins with Mordecai refusing to bow…

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